Monday, October 27, 2008

For Micall

I talked to my sister Micall today and she wanted to know why I haven’t updated my Blog lately. I told her I had and that there wasn’t anything terrific to blog about. She said there had to be and that I needed to blog. I’m not sure I believe her Especially since she mocked my post about Stella crawling up the stairs, claiming I had to much time on my hands. Well Mic, this is what I have been up to, boring or not this is what you get for complaining.
  • I did the laundry, ALL OF IT, in ONE day. Yes that includes FOLDING ALL OF IT and putting it away. That is a really big deal in our household. HUGE.
  • I have been researching how to ship Phone Pap2’s for work
  • I watched Gossip Girl
  • I baked really easy and delicious Onion Chicken
  • Stella has refused to walk, lifting her legs every time you attempt to walk with her
  • I found a new family doctor, sort of sad because I loved my doctor in Heber, but I don’t live there any more and this one is just up the street. Next thing you know, I’m going to get an 801 phone number
  • I read a whole bunch of blogs
  • I went on the deer hunt for the first time ever
  • I baked a lemon sour cream pie, but I got carried away with the new lemon zester and it was a little bitter
  • I ate a Ham and Cheese sandwich from Genuiles but it didn’t have any cheese on it
  • I built Paper Maiche pumpkins and got covered in Modge Podge
  • I had to fix my broken iphone because it was on the fritz
  • I talked to Mom about a thousand times, mostly about nothing, wait mostly about her young womens night tomorrow
  • I went to work on Monday
  • Trevor and I had to drive to Tabiona seperately
  • My first Ebay purchase was sucessful
  • Stella LOVES the trampoline
  • Stella’s Halloween Costume is going to be AMAZING
  • Cleaned the toilets
  • Went to the bank
  • Updated some fonts on the blog and ALL posted comments DISAPPEARED. That sucked
  • Got the new song Cheater Cheater, you no good white trash ho

I’m sure the list can go on and on about all the boring things I’ve been up to. But lets just say that this time last year, life was not so simple and we didn’t even have Stella then. I am enjoying the day to day and I almost feel like it is the calm before the storm.
There ya go Mic, there is your blog post, now where is yours?

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