Wednesday, October 15, 2008

hobby lobby

Sorry for the delay on my weekend post, but I’ve been using my time for other reasons. No, I didn’t get a life, but I did get a new hobby. oh and guess who taught me? Tervor. I found out that my husband can crochet. yep. He taught me this weekend. I have been searching Etsy (I know I am a total Sugarhood yuppie shopping at Etsy, but I love it!) for a warm hat for Stella and couldn’t find one that was worth the homemade price. I figured I could make one, hell for years my brother Brian has been making me hats and scarfs for Christmas. And if can do it, I surely can. Even if I can’t sew. My mom was going to teach me but got all tired after we shopped all day for Micall’s wedding and I was so bummed out that I didn’t have instant gratification. So I searched the internet for instructions, and I found them, and they sucked, and I couldn’t do it. Well what do you know, when Trevor came home he reveled the fact that he CAN CROCHET! We crocheted in bed that night, and he would have wanted something a little bit more exciting I’m sure. So after several attempts and lots of yarn, I have been falling asleep with my crochet hook instead of my mac this week. I will be sure to post the finished product after the weekend.

Secondly, It happened, my favorite day of the year happened. No not my birthday, No not any other day that I get presents. The first Snow day. The day where you get to curl up inside with Hot Cocoa and wear your favorite sweaters. But the best of all is, it kicks off the baking season!! I baked the first Pumpkin Pie of the season! I love the way the house feels when you are rolling out pie dough and the snow is falling outside. Its warm and inviting. If I hadn’t have run out of flour, loaves of bread would have been made as well. I will be heading off to the store to stock up on all baking materials. Hope you all took advantage of the fantastic first snow day!

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