Friday, October 10, 2008

month eleven

What the... Since when did you grow up so fast Stella? When did that happen, how did that happen? My little terrorist is growing up so fast, I don’t know if I’m exactly sure how to handle it. As I think back about the past month, its amazing how many new things you have learned. You talk. You can stand on your own, (albeit for not very long) You crawl VERY fast, You eat everything, You take off your diaper, You climbs stairs, You fall down stairs, You play patty cake, You dance when you hear the song “Hot n Cold” by Katy Perry, You give high fives to everyone who asks, You read me stories, You love to play in the toilet water, You want to pull every at the fur of every dog, Stella you are a little girl now, no longer my baby. Yesterday you fell down the stairs and I was scared, and last night as we were sitting on the couch watching the office, you crawled to the bottom of the stairs and stood up and said “UT OH! UT OH! UT OH! UT OH!” then you crawled right back over to me to snuggle. The whole day I had reassured myself with the thoughts that you had forgotten all about the stair incident and that you were ok. The moment you crawled over to me, I felt sick again. You had remembered what had happened, you knew that the stairs were an Ut Oh. You never cease to amazing me, never. Somethings haven’t changed yet, You still hop around on your bum, You still get the giggles when your dad walks in the room, You wake up in the morning talking, You wake up from your morning nap with a dirty diaper, You love being outside, You always want to ride on your dad’s shoulders, Your eyes are still BRIGHT BLUE, You hair is still getting curlier, You still want to read all the books on the bookshelf, You love to be half naked still, You still exhaust us in church, You still love EVERYONE, You still don’t stop moving when anyone is holding you, You still look exactly like your daddy,You will still pull every toy off the shelf and then come over and say hi to me when I’m working. Stella, you are still my little June Bug. Can’t wait for the next month of excitement. Love Love

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