Sunday, February 28, 2010

Month 1

Dear Ruby Maine,
We did it! We survived your first month! Just like everybody says, you newborns grow so fast. I mean really, you have grown so much. But yet, you are still my tiny baby. Your eyes are still everywhere, well actually they are usually just staring at each other. I have taken several hundred photos and all but 3 have come out with at least one eye looking at your nose. I moved the really good ones to a locked hard drive for black mail purposes; I'm certain they will come in handy. Your eye color has gone from a navy blue at birth to this lighter blue. I'm predicting they stay blue. Your skin tone is darker like your dads, your smile is your dads, your hair color is your dads, and your dimples are your dads; but those eyes, those came from me and those edible cheeks are from yours truly.
You are an extremely calm baby. Thank you. Thank you for being unfazed by this extreme chaos. I know your calmness won't last long, its not in your genetic make up to be a calm wall flower. So I will just enjoy it while it lasts. You don't fuss much, and when you do I can calm you down in a few moments. Even when your freezing cold out of the bath tub you don't fuss. You just stare at me like, come on mom get my wrapped up. Your big sister doesn't bother you either. Although she can't stop touching you, or kissing you, or playing peek-a-boo with you.
Even though you are extremely calm, your sleeping habits are still flip flopped. You think that night is day and day is night. We are working on that. Hopefully you will get that figured out ASAP. I'm starting to see double because of the exhaustion. You have been sleeping in your crib in the same room as Stella, and you've taken turns waking each other up. Please don't think that this is a fun game you two are playing, I assure you it is not.
You are really strong already. You think you are strong enough to hold your head up, but it usually ends with a headbutt to my chin. We are working on the wiggling and kicking around, but we have to wait until your sister goes to sleep or isn't around. She likes to wiggle over the top of you. You love to kick your legs and most of the time the are an inch off the ground as you have them extra stiff. I'm not sure why but it's funny regardless.
I am so grateful to have you here, that you are strong and healthy and not to mention completely edible. You are the best snuggler, you love to be wrapped up and held, even by Stella. I am just eating it all up because in the next months it all could be different. Thank you for coming to our home and making it that much better and slightly more chaotic, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Love Love

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