Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Forgotten Lessons

There are a lot of details from having a newborn or a baby around the house that you forget about when they grow up and can open the fridge and pour a cup of reserved milk onto their cereal. I have forgotten a lot of things from the days of Stella and sweet calm Ruby has reminded me of them with a painful club to the forehead.

Things such as:

Not rinsing a baby bottle and letting it sit in the sink for an extra day because you are afraid of the smell does NOT make it stink less.

Waiting 5 more minutes in the rocking chair to make sure they are sound asleep at 2am really means you will wake up at 4:58am with a sharp pain in your neck.

Drive-thrus for just a Diet Coke makes complete sense.

It doesn't do any good to have a clip on the binki if you don't actually clip it to the baby.

When at the store, just buy an extra 12 pack of Diet Coke and an additional gallon of milk. You will need it.

Not doing the laundry today will only mean you have really smelly burp cloths tomorrow.

A warm bottle of formula only leads to a spoiled baby and a headache when you can't magically make it warm the next time.

Not trying hard to get burp only means a painful scream in twenty minutes.

Making hair bows is a lot harder than I think, at least with my sewing abilities.

Forgetting to eat lunch while getting 4 hours of sleep at night is NOT ok.

Having the camera downstairs and the baby upstairs only means you didn't get the photo of the dimples.

Feeding her in bed in the middle of the night means you will fall asleep and she won't eat more than an ounce and you'll both be awake in 30 minutes.

I thought having baby number two would be like riding a bike. No big deal, we had already done this before and she turned out ok. We all survived. I guess I thought that about being pregnant again, it would be easy, we'd done it before, we knew what we were up against. Wrong. It still rocked our world upside down and inside out. Let's just say I am remembering all of those things about a newborn that they don't teach you in a book. All the things that make you a seasoned, dialed mom; they didn't just appear when she arrived like I thought they would. I guess I am having to re-learn how to ride that bike.


  1. Oh how quickly we forget! :) The newborn stage is so fun but so hard--good luck!

  2. Oh man! I love that! Thanks for the important reminders -- even on #4 I think I'll need some of them. :) Good luck!