Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello Sunshine

This past weekend we packed up the car with every thing we could possibly imagine and headed down south to introduce Ruby to the sunshine. It was a glorious encounter. It seems like every March we head down south more than any other time of the year. We crave the Vitamin D and since we haven't had much of it during the winter up north we trek down south. This trip we had more than a need for sunshine, we also had a bike race. Since the thief traded his bike for Trevor's, he has been meticulously building a new one. It was only finished days before the race. It was also my debut as team mom. Usually I dread being the support group, but we are channeling Heather and having a good attitude! (!!!) It's still challenging with Stella running around terrorizing Finley and now with Ruby, my hands are full. But I delivered the water bottle, took a photo, and we all cheered him on, so it went smoothly. Ok actually Grandpa Grant delivered the water bottle and I took a photo and only Stella cheered. Maybe we will get it right next race or the race after that or maybe I'll just retire...

A big thanks to Grant for holding Ruby during the race! I'm sure it was a terribly demanding task, and I'm so grateful you took care of it :)

Other than the bike race we just soaked up the sunshine. While Trevor was playing a little golf on Friday; Stella, Ruby and I laid around outside. After about 3 hours Stella wanted to go back inside and I refused to let her. We were not going to let one single ray of sunshine go waisted. We flew kites, we played tennis, we looked for frogs, we played hide and seek, we rode bikes, we took golf cart rides and even napped in the rays. It was terrific!
We had such a great time with Grandpa Grant and Grandma Edie! They never tired of Stella running around yelling there names. It was a great weekend! Can't wait to go back next week!!!

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