Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning

The girls spent Christmas with their Dad this year and I got to sleep in. It was kind of nice actually. I woke up with Hunter and my parents at their house. We opened presents and sat around by the fire before the chaos of "Christmas with children" began. The big present of the year was the new addition to the family, Trace was very excited to get a new Puppy. He had asked for one, and was told that he wasn't going to get it. He then spent the days leading up to Christmas pouting. So he got to open the first present of the season so he could stop being a grumpalufagus about Christmas. He was very surprised and delighted to find a box of chew toys and Loops picture. Unfortunately Loop, the 6 week old Bernese Mountain Dog, didn't arrive until 5 days later, but he was well worth the wait.

Around 11, I returned home to find Santa had been there to spoil me and the girls. The girls and Kevin came home and we opened all the goodies. Christmas with little girls is the best kind of Christmas! We were spoiled rotten across the board, and it was fantastic!

Christmas day was exactly as it should be, full of pajamas, fruit soup, family, laughter and happiness!
Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Love Love

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