Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yesterday I went to the Apple store for my monthly meeting with the geeks. Yes. I go to the Apple store and I sit down with the business team and we brain storms ways to make iPads more useful at my work. It is fantastic. They find me apps that they've tested and we bounce ideas on how to make it easier and simpler. I'm not sure if they do this for most people or if word just got out that I don't carry a pocket protector.
Yesterday while exchanging a broken charger the guy who helped me last time jumped at the chance to help me again. Then after my meeting I was waiting for a few things, he came over and wanted to tell me that he noticed last time and was reminded again that I have amazing pupils. Not eyes, just pupils.


Even though you are a cool apple geek, you still aren't really cool enough for a pick up line.