Thursday, March 10, 2011

Month 13

Dear Ruby Maine,
Well another month has passed and you have become so funny! I know I'm behind on this little letter, but as I was going back through my notes and things to write about, there was this overwhelming theme. You are becoming a toddler. You communicate in ways you haven't before. You will come up to me with your arm stretched out jibbering something or another but don't stop until I follow you to where we are going. You pick up things and bring them to me, like a wrapper on the ground. You know you aren't supposed to have it, so instead of eating you bring it to me. You will run into your room and them run back to me and lay your head on my shoudler then run away again. You chase Stella everywhere she goes. And if she shuts the door on you, you scream at her until she opens it. When you are sad, June always gives you kisses and you are so nice to let her carry you around. I'm tying to make sure she doesn't mistake you for her baby Lucy doll.

You are getting big! Well, kind of. You are still very small for your age, but eating up a storm. Your new favorite thing is blueberries. You will eat blueberries until its a Willy Wonka scene in our kitchen. If you don't have enough food in front of you, you scream. You scream to get my attention and I provide more food. If  June has a baggie of treats in the car, you need one too. Usually she shares with you, so you don't need one, but you would love to have your own.
You don't just scream these days, you talk, sort of. You say, Mamamama, Dadadada, "delda", "bunt" (Hunter) and "BAMPA" (Grandpa Trace). It is so cute to watch you grow up and talk and communicate. But at the same time, you are growing up, and that makes me sad. It has always felt like me, Stella and our baby girl. But now it feels like it's me and both my girls. We sit and read stories together, all 3 of us. We color together and both of you will hold my hand as we walk. It is so cute to look down and see 4 big blue eyes staring at me. Although you and June have the same eyes, you look nothing a like. And well Ruby, your hair is terrible these days. It is growing like crazy so that is hopeful, the back is starting to curl a little but the front is a stringy mess. I'm tempted to just cut it off and even it out.

Miss Ruby Red Dress, you are a gem. You are fun and busy and happy all of the time. You get into everything and hate to be laid down to change your clothes or a diaper. But when you are sad or tired you climb into my lap and are calm. You give me wet sloppy kisses and are still selective as to who you give them too, so far me, Grandpa Trace and Grandma Deb have been lucky enough to be slobbered on. I love those wet kisses though, and I love you!

love love

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