Monday, March 7, 2011

Go Aggies Go Aggies Hey Hey Hey

After a lot of talk throughout the winter we finally made good on our promise to drive to Logan and attend a USU basketball game with Micall and TJ. Since I can sing the fight song and the head coach is some version of an uncle to Kevin it seemed only appropriate. We headed up on Wednesday to a game that was a filler, but really, that wasn't why we were there. We enjoyed dinner and a thousand different conversations going on at the same time. When we arrived in Logan, both Kevin and I commented that the snow was gone and maybe spring would be here soon. When we left dinner there was 4 inches of wet snow covering everything. To say the least it just kept snowing. 

We arrived to the game and found our seats and they happened to be good seats about 5 rows up directly across from the backboard. Normally I would not notice my relationship from me to the backboard except that Ty Wesley broke it. During warm ups. Then after about 45 minutes of waiting around whily they were replacing it, they finally got around to tightening the bolts, and broke it again. So we decided that frozen yogurt sounded way better. It was. All in all though, it was a great evening, one that we probably could have stayed home and done all the other various things on our "to do" lists. But I was very glad that I scratched the "to do" list and played it up with the Godderidges. Thanks guys!

love love

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  1. You two look more alike than I thought... cute! (you and your sister that is)