Monday, February 11, 2013


Here is the problem with 6am, its freaking early. Like real early. The sun isn't even up yet and neither are my children. But somehow I was this morning. And I spent most of the night tossing and turning because I was terrified I would miss my alarm and then I wouldn't be awake. There are a few things in this world that are worth getting up that early for, a great ski day is one. You know what isn't? Aerobics.
Also, I'm calling it "Conditioning Class" from now on, because it sounds so much cooler than aerobics. Don't you think? 
So, I woke up this morning for conditioning class. I know Right? Who does that? Not me, not ever. And it wasn't worth it. I was too asleep to even want to kick my legs any sort of height and I nearly gave up half way through all those squats. Real Tired.
The worst part? When I came home I was too sweaty and stinky to crawl back in bed. Then I was showering and getting ready thinking the kids would be awake any moment. nooooo. They sure weren't. They didn't get up until 8:45. EIGHT FORTY-FIVE people! Even the baby. I had been up for nearly 3 hours by then!

(OK so I got the laundry started, drank a diet coke, showered, got ready AND made the kids breakfast all before 9am. So that's a bonus, but still...)

I hate to admit it, this working out thing, I kind of like it. It feels good.

love love

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