Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Last night as we said our prayers and tucked the girls into their beds Kevin announced a family counsel. I was unaware of this meeting but was so intrigued. As I bounced Henry, I held back the laughter as Kevin proceeded. Then when it was over, I walked straight upstairs so I could write it down and never forget his genuine attempt at harnessing the outbursts that happen around here.

So for your entertainment, our family counsels:
Kevin: "I need to address an issue of this household" (in a very calm and somber tone, (And clearly he has been watching too much Downton Abbey, who talks like that?)) "The issue is emotions." (this is where I had to turn around to laugh) "Specifically crying. There is to much crying in this house." (insert eye roll, he is never going to survive their teenage years) "Girls when is it an appropriate time to cry?"

Stella:"When you are really really hurt!!!"
Ruby: "And you have to go the hospital!!!!" (She then told us how she went to the dr because the chicken bit her finger.)

Kevin: "Right, how about in the afternoon? Is it ok to just cry in the afternoon?"

Stella and Ruby: "NNNNOOOOOOOOO."

Kevin: "Ok, so now that we know when it's ok to cry and not cry, lets all work on crying less. Understood?" (again in the somber tone, as if he is negotiating with terrorists.)

Stella and Ruby: "YAY! No More Crying!!!!!!!"

For the record, they were both crying about 30 minutes later trying to negotiate getting out of bed. So it turns out family counsels are really productive around here.

love love

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  1. Luke and Kevin need to get together to commiserate. We have lots of estrogen and too much crying over here, too.