Monday, February 11, 2013


Today I hopped on the bathroom scale with Gus and realized two things, 1- scales should be for doctors offices; and 2- he is becoming rather squishy. He tips the scales at 14.4 pounds. Of course that is an unofficial measurement but its pretty obvious that his cheeks are growing at an above average rate.  Then I had to get out my measuring tape to make sure he isn't just gaining weight in his chins, that ya know, he is becoming long and such. He is indeed, 24.5 inches long. Well done Gus, you are in the 80th percentile, unofficially
Oh but those cheeks kill me, they are so squishy!

When you wake up at 6AM you clearly have a lot of time on your hands, time enough to dig out the measuring tape and calculate percentiles. So Ridiculous.  

love love

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